Angelina Jolie’s Sweet Leaf

Sweet leaf, called as “daun katuk” in Indonesian, is normally served for expecting mothers to aid with lactation. However, generally it is normally served for any members of the family as well boiled in a simple broth of sliced shallots, a little garlic, a little chicken stock, salt, pepper. It is a nostalgic food for me, my grandmother and my mother often served it when I was a toddler. Its Latin name, Sauropus androgynus, is magnificent because it carries the gender-bending tagline of “androgyny”. So much awesomeness packed in this small cluster of emerald-like leaves.


This dream was about Angelina Jolie, collapsing cities, and encounter with sweet leaf. A collection of randomness but nevertheless tiring. Nightmares are my best lovers because they are an unerring presence, so constant and reliable, and always tight-embracing bed partners šŸ™‚


Angelina Jolie was acting as a girl stranded in a deserted island. She was saved by seamen hailing from a prosperous town going back after a long journey. The men, didn’t have much food left after a long journey (or for some other reason, they looked malicious when they did this, I didn’t get quite why, this was a dream it didnt have to make perfect sense! Lol) fed her a heap of barnacle-covered sweet leaf. Jolie, starving, ate the heap of leaves with gusto. There was even one leaf that was as wide as a dinner table. She hacked away into it with her hungry mouth and chomping teeth, starting with the leaf’s spine and then moving towards eating each side. She looked completely sated.

I saw that scene as a little kid and said to mom, “why do we only have a spinach soup at home? I want a bowl of sweet leaf soup too,” and she said something about sweet leaf being fatty, to which I gruntled in disagreement.

Eating the nutrient-rich sweet leaf apparently refreshed Jolie so much that she can see imprecisions very easily. As the ship, loaded with cargo like dynamite and carrying big amount timber etc, was approaching the town’s harbor, she said, “oh, don’t. It will crash,” an admonition that the seamen didn’t heed. Apparently, the cargo of the ship was too heavy or too wide for the harbor’s gate by just a fraction of an inch, but that fraction was forceful enough to make the ship spin out of control and the entire harbor collapsed.

The harbor’s collapse unleashed a Hollywood-like domino effect throughout the city. Four bridges fell down, two buildings imploded, a heavy milk van didn’t had a chance to hit the break in the calamity and swerved out of a seaside road freefalling into the sea. The chain of explosions was as if there was a massively successful terrorist attack or warfare breach.

Jolie was harmed minimally by the explosion, miraculously, thrown to a strip of land on the other side of the harbor because she was the only one at the deck flung away out of the debris storm by the explosion’s force. She was laying on her side like a mermaid lounging at the beach staring at the sunset, all her curves in full glory, swathed in a wet and tattered dress of dark gray. Although full of cuts and bruises and dirt from previous stranded situation as well as the explosion, she shrugged with an “I told you so” expression, like a cartoon character (think Popeye?) expressing comical satisfaction on being right.

The camera zoomed out. “Sweet leaf, makes you incredibly perceptive.”


I cannot believe I woke up, my heart pounding, to an apocalyptic sweet leaf advertisement. Suddenly I have a craving for sweet leaf in shallot broth..



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