Seas in Those Eyes

eyes of blue and gray

In one’s eyes you see seas that paint a million emotions: affection, exuberance, gaiety.

More often than not, you would also see the bluesy opposites:

abandon, indifference, distance…

the struggle in their gait, the storm in their mind,

The words “I am just not into you anymore”

never departing their lips.  Despite so its gravity never more sonorous,

That ominous moment,

when they turn their head away.


This song expresses the heartquake that follows,

A plasma raging within what’s hollow,

When it used to be full, only a storm of emptiness.


The folksy strum and longing vocal undulations refer to the purity of Eva Cassidy, Don McLean, Joni Mitchell.

From a place that feels like a sea of despair, however, arise the major chords usually indicative of brightness and hope,

As if to convince self, however frailly, that indeed there is, after all, life after love.

Link to the song: Seas in Those Eyes

There is a place -- wide waters without piers
Into that space, my heart come storming in.
Eyes -- pair of Neptunes I'd dive into,
My tanks are empty; I'm finless, determined and pure

But hammerhead sharks fill warm waters of your arms
An icy maelstrom -- your endless, heady charms...

Lost in those eyes, no starlight in those skies
Sirens' songs of sweet words, your absence belies
Stony, this heart -- de-brained; my wading becomes weak
Gurgles get fainter as saltwater replaces my blood

Every time you turn away, these seas around me grow colder
Every time you disappear on to devour other divers...

I will swim to you
Keep being drowned in you
I'll be here for you
But you don't want me to,

I will swim to you
Keep being drowned in you
I'll be here for you
But you don't want me to,

There is a place -- wide waters, without peace,
These asphyxiating depths to forever settle, here. 
On the horizon, the lighthouse disappears
Wish I could recall, when my lungs aren't drenched completely
One more time, will I ever again, breathe?



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